Nova Linen Blanket - Limited Edition #2
Nova Linen Blanket - Limited Edition #2


Nova Linen Blanket - Limited Edition #2

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This is a limited edition collaboration with print designer Katherine Plumb. Each blanket is screen printed by hand, so print vary in finish and color. The color used is completely free of chemicals and safe for children.

The lightweight jersey linen used in this blanket makes it soft and comfortable. Linen is a multi-functional material that is anti-bacterial, absorbent, naturally purifying and breathable. Jersey linen is softer than woven linen, making this product perfect to wrap around your baby during warm summer days or in your babies crib, nest or bed. This blanket will keep your baby cool on warmer days while also providing warmth and comfort when the weather is a bit colder. Linen is a completely natural and eco-friendly material, making this product a perfect snuggle blanket.

100% linen.

OEKO-TEX 100 certified. 

Size: 70cm X 100cm